From Superintendent Frank's December 15th communication to all WES families...

Take-Home Antigen Rapid Tests for WES Students

We are strongly encouraging all students to take a Rapid Antigen Test prior to returning to school at the end of the winter break. We know many students are traveling and gathering with family this year during the holidays. We will have free Antigen Rapid Tests available for pick up in both parking lots on Thursday (12/16) and Friday (12/17) during both pick-up and drop-off.  We are not allowing students to take these tests home, so a parent or legal guardian must pick them up for each child.  Each box has two Rapid Tests.  We ask that you only take one box (two tests) per WES student so that all students have access.   

We are asking that you please test your child on Friday, December 31st, and again on Monday, January 3rd in the morning, before returning to school. Please notify us immediately if your child tests positive over the winter break.

Also, when administering the rapid tests, please ignore the QR code and app information on the side of the box.  All you need to do is follow the folded instructions inside of the box to get the result.  I have taken two of these tests in the last two days, and it is very easy and takes very little time.  We are encouraging all families to please take a box (two tests) for each of their WES children so that all of our students are tested before returning to school on January 3rd.