Updates from Superintendent Frank as of January 12, 2022 ...

Vaccinated & Unvaccinated Student Guidelines

WES is at the point where we must continue to be nimble in order to meet this current surge. With positive cases being reported every day, many classrooms are under current exposure guidelines. For those students who are vaccinated, there is very little to do other than keep an eye for symptoms. Vaccinated students can continue to come to school, without testing, and they can continue with extracurricular activities.   
As per the CDPH and County guidelines, unvaccinated students who are exposed to COVID-19 may continue in school IF they enter a ten-day  “modified quarantine.”  This means that these students, as long as they are without symptoms, may continue to come to school IF they test two times within a seven-day period.  Unfortunately, with a lack of antigen tests available everywhere, we are not capable of testing these students unless they are registered with WorkSite Labs for Monday testing.  If a student in a “modified quarantine” wants to remain in school, you MUST sign your child up for Monday testing!  Those who do not sign up, will NOT be allowed to come to school for ten days.  Click HERE for information on how to sign up for this FREE weekly testing with WorkSite Labs.