Revised WES Social "Contract" (March 2021)
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As San Mateo county has moved to the "orange" tier (and hopefully to the "yellow" tier soon), there has been a loosening of travel restrictions. Please review the explanations of each color tier HERE. We still encourage all WES families with students currently on campus for in-person learning to limit their travel, but we understand this will occur. We do ask that all WES families continue to practice safe practices (see list below) and, if traveling, please consider getting a COVID test before returning to campus. Local testing options are available HERE. And, when the availability for residents aged 50 and above to receive the COVID vaccine, we encourage all parents and family members within that age bracket to get the vaccine. Local vaccine site and resources listed HERE.

WESD Social "Contract"
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As we continue to bring back students in specific grade levels, our district is very committed to the health, safety, and well-being of our students, teachers, staff, and the overall community. We will do everything we can to reopen our school safely … but we need your help! Please carefully read through the WESD Social "Contract" and Student Testing information below. 
WESD Social “Contract”
We feel confident that as a community we can find ways to provide our students with a safe, joyful, and caring learning environment, both in-person and remotely. The pace at which we can reopen our school, and keep it open, depends on the ability of the entire school community to adhere to safe behaviors. 
The four pillars of safety we are implementing on campus are strengthened by the choices you make at home. We encourage and ask everyone in the WESD community, including children, families, teachers, and staff, to practice the same safety measures our children are using in-person at school. To help encourage the entire school community to be safe, please do everything in your power as a family to adhere to the following guidelines, which we consider our Social "Contract", so our school can remain safe and open to educating our students in-person. 
  • Adhere to current physical distancing, mask, and hygiene guidelines in public, both on and off-campus
  • Avoid large social gatherings, refrain from expanding your social circles, and pledge to keep your social circles small. How you pick up your kids after-school, along with after-school and weekend activities your family engages in – impacts the potential exposure for not just your family but also for our campus. 
  • Avoid unnecessary travel outside our community. Especially avoid traveling on planes (commercial or private) and most especially avoid any international travel. If you must travel, please adhere to the 14-day quarantine when returning home (even if receive a negative test result). 
  • Notify the school when anyone in your household travels out of the country, out of the state, or to an area with widespread community transmission of COVID-19 (California counties in Purple Tier), so we can work together to follow relevant current guidelines to keep our school safe
  • Observe and teach healthy hygiene habits we use at school at home: 20-second hand washing, appropriate use of face coverings, catching coughs and sneezes in a tissue or your elbow. 
  • Make the hard decision when necessary to stay home when sick
  • Be an example for your children and neighbors in modeling safe, responsible behaviors and compassion for others. 
If all members of the school community adhere to these very important guidelines, we will remain safe and able to stay open.