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School Rating
According to Niche.com, WES was rated the #1 Public Elementary School in San Mateo County and our MS #4 (out of 2,534) Best Public Middle Schools in the state. Our Elementary School Teachers are rated #3 (out of 5,748) and our Middle School Teachers #3 (out of 2,400)! 


2017 J. Russell Kent AwardTop of Page

The Woodside School District — Middle School Social and Emotional Learning program — recently received a 2017 J. Russell Kent Award.  Awards are given to outstanding and innovative programs throughout the county.  Applicants must demonstrate that their programs promote student success, employ a high degree of creativity, and demonstrate transferability. 

Social Emotional Learning at Woodside Middle School is integrated in a variety of ways in order to provide students regular opportunities to develop self awareness, social awareness, responsible decision making, relationship skills and self-management.Faculty integrate SEL through actives and discussions allowing scents to be reflective academically and social. Students are encouraged to recognize their own strengths and challenges, to set personal and nobel goals, to identify problems and embrace creative solutions, and to understand and appreciate differences. In particular, 6th through 8th graders benefit from advisory classes, a service learning elective, and design thinking projects.


California Green Ribbon – Bronze 2016Top of Page

The U.S. Department of Education’s Green Ribbon Schools recognition award honors schools, school districts, and Institutes of Higher Education for excellence in resource efficiency, health and wellness, and environmental and sustainability education. The recognition award is part of a larger U.S. Department of Education effort to identify and communicate practices that result in improved student engagement, academic achievement, graduation rates, and workforce preparedness; and reinforces federal efforts to increase energy independence and economic security.The Woodside Elementary School District application highlighted efforts to reduce environmental impact and costs through composting, recycling, water recycling and planting drought resistant plants, an increased focus on student and staff wellness, our environmental and sustainability education; garden program, outdoor education, physical, science, and health education.

National Blue Ribbon School Award - 2013Top of Page

The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program recognizes public and private elementary, middle and high schools based on their overall academic excellence or their progress in closing achievement gaps among student subgroups. Every year the U.S. Department of Education seeks out and celebrates great American schools, schools demonstrating that all students can achieve to high levels.

Success indicators included school/district wide academic success as measured by the California Academic Performance Index of 937 in 2010 and 968 and 2011, and English learner and special education student academic progress as measured qualitatively by the establishment of support structures that include developing robust individual education plans for special education and individualized learning plans for English learners; and instructional strategies that ensure consideration of individual learning styles, motivational factors and generalization of skills.


California Distinguished Schools - 2012Top of Page

Honors some of California’s most exemplary and inspiring public schools. Schools selected for the Distinguished School Award demonstrate significant gains in narrowing the achievement gap.Signature practices highlighted: -The “I” in IEP: An individualized Service Model for Students with Individual Education Plans -Visual and Performing Arts: Music and Art