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8th grade vball team
8th grade vball team
Thanks, Coach Daveggio!

Fall 2022
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Fall 2022 Girls Volleyballvolleyball
(4th - 8th Grades)


Volleyball is our first sport of the season. Our teams participate in the Menlo Park Recreation League.

REGISTRATION & FEES: If you registered but haven't paid for the fee, please drop a check at the school office as soon as possible. The registration fee for each athlete is $180, with additional fees for jerseys at $30. All players are required to have a jersey. Players can use the same volleyball jersey from year to year (basketball is different). If you need a new jersey the fee is $30. Please send all checks to the school office. Contact Elvira in the office if you are in need of a scholarship.
PRACTICES & GAMES: Practices started the week of September 5, and the season will conclude at the end of November. All practices are at Woodside Elementary and the games are at the Arrillaga Family Gym (600 Alma Street, Menlo Park). FIND ALL GAME SCHEDULES HERE 
  • 4/5th grade (2 teams): Practice: Wednesdays @ 2:30-4:00pm; Game days: Thursdays (SCHEDULE HERE)
  • 6th grade: Practice: Mondays @ 3:15-4:45pm; Game days: Tuesday (SCHEDULE HERE)
  • 7th grade: Practice: Thursdays @ 3:15-4:45pm; Game days: Mondays (SCHEDULE HERE)
  • 8th grade: Practice: Tuesdays @ 3:15-4:45pm; Game days: Mondays (SCHEDULE HERE)

PLEASE NOTE: If your child is not feeling well, they should not attend practice or games. If a student has been absent from school, they MUST NOT participate in practice or games that day.  Students must follow all school guidelines pertaining to returning to school (and after-school sports) following an illness.
If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Jones at kjones@woodsideschool.us