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Parcel Tax Election 
On April 4, 2017, voters residing within the Woodside Elementary School District passed Measure Z by 72.9% of District voters.

Measure Z: To maintain and enhance academic excellence at Woodside School through emphasis on quality instruction, especially in math, science, reading and writing, attracting/retaining outstanding teachers/ maintaining small class sizes, shall the Woodside Elementary School District extend its existing annual school tax without increasing the current rate of $290.00 per parcel each year for eight years, adjusted annually *, with independent citizens' oversight, an exemption for those 65 years and older, and all funds spent only in Woodside School.
* Parcel tax rates are adjusted annually based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the San Francisco area and cannot be increased more than 4% in any one year.  Rates are effective from July 1st to June 30th.
Rate History
2017-18 — $290.00 per parcel
2018-19 — $299.28 per parcel
2019-20 — $311.24 per parcel

Establishment & Responsibilities of the Parcel Tax Oversight Committee
Pursuant to the provisions of Measure Z, the Woodside Elementary School District Board of Trustees is obligated to appoint a Parcel Tax Oversight Committee to work with the District (see above). 

Responsibilities of the Parcel Tax Oversight Committee
 The Parcel Tax Oversight Committee shall review expenditure reports produced by the District to ensure that Measure Z parcel tax proceeds were expended only for the purposes set forth in Measure Z. An annual report will be provided to the Board of Trustees on funds usage.
2017-18 Audit of the District's Measure Z Parcel Tax (Chavan & Associates, LLP, April 22, 2019)

Meetings / Agenda / MinutesTop of Page

All meetings are open to the public.
Tues., May 21 @ 6:30pm
Woodside School
Tues., Oct. 30 @ 6:30pm
Woodside School

Committee MembersTop of Page

  • Daniel Hachigian, parent
  • Monique Hunt, Director of Business Services
  • Sandie Pugh, community member
  • Kelly Sallin, parent
  • Emmalyn Shaw, parent
  • Marc Tarpenning, parent
  • Steve Frank, Superintendent, will serve as staff to the Committee.

Time Commitment and Term
Initial appointments will be staggered, such that some of the initial appointees will be appointed to serve one full two-year term.  The other initial appointments will serve a one-year term, but will be eligible for reappointment by the Board of Trustees for a second and third two-year term.