Dr. Scott Morrow, the Chief Officer for the San Mateo County Health Department, published new guidelines providing clear direction to cancel all non-essential large gatherings.  This is a broad term; however, now that San Mateo County is experiencing the spread of COVID-19, mitigation is now the focus. Because of this, Woodside School will hold only essential events and activities. We want as little disruption to the core program and student learning as possible. The goal is to minimize possible exposure by limiting non-essential gatherings. 

Here are a few WESD events that are deemed "essential" and will continue on:
  • Woodside School Board Meetings
  • After School Workshop (Workshop is ready to take on more students if families need it due to the PTA classes being canceled
Below is a comprehensive list of postponed WESD events and activities
  • All after school Woodside School sports
  • PTA after school enrichment classes
  • All PTA volunteer activities/events
  • Grade-level activities in the school garden
  • 4th-8th Grade music concerts
  • PTA Board meeting
  • PTA General Parent meeting (4/1)
  • Wednesday line-up (3/25)
  • Spring Teacher Luncheon (3/19)
  • All school Committees meetings (School Site Council; JCOP; Technology Task Force)
  • San Mateo County STEM Fair (3/14-15)
  • K-5 Science Showcase (4/1)
  • Woodside Inclusion & Diversity Council outreach event @ Eastside Prep (3/9)
  • Washington, D.C. parent meeting (3/11) and trip (8th grade)
  • Bingo Night (3/27)
  • Ano Nuevo field trip
  • Lawrence Hall of Science field trip
  • Girl Scout meeting 

Non-Woodside Athletic Events: As of 3/12, our WES fields are CLOSED to all after-school and weekend athletic events used by outside sports groups who use our outdoor facilities (soccer, little league, etc.). In addition, we have canceled any group activities that use our indoor facilities.  

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Also, parent-teacher conferences are at the end of next week.  These teacher-initiated conferences will continue; however, due to our limiting gatherings on campus, we are holding the pre-scheduled conferences via telephone.  They will still be held during the time your teacher has scheduled, but teachers will call from their classroom phones. Please make sure your teacher(s) have the best telephone number for you to be reached at that time.