Public Notification from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District
Project: 60 Prospect Street, Woodside

On behalf of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, this is a public notification for a project by 60 Prospect. My agency regulates stationary sources of air pollution. This project is for the operation of an Emergency Standby Natural Gas/Propane Generator located at 60 Prospect Street in Woodside. This is within 1000 ft of Woodside Elementary School and thus triggers the public notice requirements in BAAQMD Regulations (Regulation 2, Rule 1, Section 412) and State Law (California Health and Safety Code Section 42301.6). For more information see:
The Air District is required to distribute a notice to the parents/guardians of students enrolled at schools located within 0.25 miles, and all residents and businesses located within 1,000 feet, of the proposed source. This will commence a 30-day public comment period, and therefore it is important to coordinate the distribution to all parties for the same date. To distribute the public notice to the families of the school, we will need contact information (mailing addresses) for the parents and guardians of students of Woodside Elementary School located at 3195 Woodside Road.
Annie Allen
Air Quality Technician | Engineering Division
Bay Area Air Quality Management District
O: 415.749.4688