August 2023
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Public Notice from Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Public Notice (English)
Public Notice (Spanish)

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (the “Air District”) is a local agency that regulates stationary sources of air pollution such as factories, industrial sites, and gasoline stations.

Whenever we receive a permit application for a new or modified source(s) of toxic air contaminants located within 1,000 feet of a school site or within an overburdened community, Air District regulations require that we notify the public. To comply with this requirement, we distribute or mail a Public Notice to the parents or guardians of students enrolled at schools located within 1⁄4 mile, and all residents and businesses located within 1,000 feet, of the proposed source(s).

You are receiving this Public Notice because a permit application has been filed with the Air District for the above referenced source(s) of air pollution. A description of the proposed project follows:

Woodside Fire Protection District (Fire Station #7) has applied for an Authority to Construct and/or Permit to Operate an Emergency Standby Diesel Engine Generator.