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2019 Sequoia Healthcare District
Healthy Schools Initiative Grants

Each year, the Sequoia Healthcare District’s Healthy School Initiative helps to support school-based health programs to over 28,000 students across 8 school districts in San Mateo County, ours included. The program funds over 60-staff, including wellness coordinators, school nurses, and counselors. Additionally, the initiative trains school staff in supporting students' emotional health. The Sequoia Healthcare District ensures taxpayer’s dollars are specifically directed to improve the healthcare of the community through coordinated, school-based programs.

Please read through the latest edition of the Healthy Schools Initiative Newsletter below. You’ll see our Woodside Program highlights and learn more about other valuable health topics. 

2019 Fall Newsletter
2019 Fall HSI 

2018 Sequoia Healthcare District
Healthy Schools Initiative Grants

Woodside School receives an annual Wellness grant from Sequoia Healthcare District that specifically supports our school's health programs including Discourse In Dining (MS elective), SEL counseling and parent education programs. Learn more details: 
2018 Fall Newsletter
2019 Winter Newsletter

Sequoia Healthcare District (SHD) provides one-year competitive grants to community-based organizations to support health programs in local school districts. Our Healthy Schools Initiative grants provide funding for programs that address a wide range of important health areas. These health areas include social-emotional support services, preventive education/health screening, physical education/activity, and nutrition education. Learn more HERE.