Winter 2022
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From Nurse Abbe Keane RN, PHN...

Head lice are very common and always exist in communities and schools. No school is lice-free, just as no school is free of the common cold. Anytime children come together, particularly at the beginning of school, birthday parties, sleepovers, sports activities, etc. lice cases increase. If you receive a lice notification in your classroom, please check your child and siblings daily for 2 weeks. Periodic lice checks are also recommended during the course of the school year. Please contact Carly in the office if your child has lice and treat them as soon as possible. Teaching your child not to share or trade personal items such as brushes, combs, hats, helmets, and avoiding head-to-head contact, are helpful in preventing transmission. If your child has long hair, keeping the hair in a braid or ponytail also reduces transmission. Additional lice information can be found below. If you have any questions, please contact Nurse Abbe
  • WESD Lice Protocol HERE
  • CDC Lice Treatment HERE   
  • CDPH Lice Fact Sheet HERE