Date Time Event  Location Performers Audience
Tues., 12/5 1:45pm 4th Grade (4X) Concert Sellman 4th Graders 4th Parents
Thurs., 12/7 1:45pm 4th Grade (4Y) Concert Sellman 4th Graders 4th Parents
 Fri.,12/15 1pm WINTER CONCERT Selllman WW, CS, Jazz All
Wed., 1/31
Wed., 1/31
1st Grade Concert
3rd Grade Concert
Sellman 1st Graders
3rd Graders
1st Parents
3rd Parents
Wed., 2/7 6:30pm Middle School Talent Show Sellman Grades 5-8 All

Thurs., 3/15 9am Kinder Music Presentation Sellman Kinders Kinder Parents
Fri., 3/9         1pm              2nd Grade Musical              Sellman 2nd Graders 2nd Parents
Wed., 3/28 6:30pm WW Choir & MS Band Sellman    
Tues, 4/3 6:30pm CS Choir, Jazz Band & 8th Percussion Sellman    
Fri., 4/27  1:15pm 4th & 5th Grade Concert Sellman or
 4th & 5th 4th & 5th Parents
Sat., 5/5 11am 3rd Grade May Day Dance Amphitheatre 3rd All
Thurs., 5/10 6pm Open House Bell Court Jazz Band All
Sat., 5/19 5pm Grand Auction Kinder Field Jazz Band Auction Guests
Wed., 6/6   8:25am      Last Line-Up                  Sellman             All Students  All Students & Parents
Fri., 6/8  AM & PM  8th Grade Graduation  Amphitheatre  MS Band  

* Dates/times are subject to change. Please see Woodside Weekly newsletter for updates and the Music Department page on the Woodside School website.