March 14, 2023 Meeting
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March 2023 School Board Highlights 
  • Musica de Marzo Spotlight
    • While many of you are filling out your March Madness brackets, the Upper School Spanish classes are running a tournament of their own. The Music de Marzo bracket is filled with Spanish-language pop songs from all around the world. Each day in class, students listen to tracks and vote on their favorites to advance. Along the way, they hone their Spanish skills and develop a more global view of pop. Thank you, Sra. Brown!

  • Interim Assessments
    • Principal Pedersen and Principal Hurley updated the Board on the interim testing program WES is piloting this school year. Teachers are giving students interim versions of the standardized tests they’ll take in April, to help students get comfortable with the technology and format of the tests they’ll take and to understand subject areas where students may need additional support. While standardized tests are just one measure of academic progress, the Board is excited about the insight these interim assessments are giving to our teachers as it helps them take a more individualized approach to support our students.

  • 2022-2023 Budget Update
    • The Board approved the 2nd Interim Budget report as presented by our CBO Waly Ndiaye. Our school continues to be in a strong financial position thanks to thoughtful fiscal management and the generous support of our community and the foundation. See the full report HERE.

  • Strategic Plan
    • Superintendent Frank and our partners from Living Strategy shared a mid-year progress report on the first year of the strategic plan. We’ve made tangible progress across all four areas – Whole Child Development, Academic & Student Offerings, Community Connections, and Operational Excellence. Stay tuned for two upcoming opportunities to shape year two of the plan (1) a community survey and (2) community workshop sessions, both planned for April.
The next Board of Trustees meeting is on Tuesday, April 18 at 3:30pm in Wildcats and via Zoom.

September 13, 2022 Meeting
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School Board Meeting Highlights
  • Steve provided an update on a well-attended Back to School Night and an effective “return to normal” for this great event.
  • The Board heard from Living Strategies regarding Woodside’s new Strategic Plan Year 1 objectives and how we plan to track progress against the objectives.
  • The Board reviewed the First Trimester plan for Staff Professional Development.
  • Principals Pedersen and Hurley presented 2021-2022 CAASPP (ELA and Math for grades 3 - 8) and CAST (Science for grades 5 and 8) results including overall achievement as well as growth/regression over time.
  • The Board reviewed and approved the unaudited financial statements for the 2021-2022 school year.