The Woodside Elementary School District Board of Trustees held it annual organizational meeting in February 2024. The Board is now made up of the following Woodside community members: Jenny Hayden (President), Neil Sequeira (Vice President), Dan Simon (Trustee)and Brett Westerbelt (Clerk). The Board of Trustees meets monthly in Wildcats (Rm 39) on the Woodside Elementary School campus and via Zoom when they can't meet in person due to restrictions. Open session, which is open to the public starts at 3:30pm or 6:00pm, depending on the start of the meeting. The purview of the Board of Trustees is to provide direction, fiscal oversight, policy development, community outreach, public school advocacy and the hire and evaluate the Superintendent.
  • Community members can contact their Board President or Superintendent if they desire to have a topic included in a Board meeting agenda. Board members emails are available on their profile page HERE
  • The topic will be reviewed for appropriateness and added accordingly.
  • In addition to direct communication with individual board members, or attending board chats, community members can address the entire board at any regularly scheduled board meeting during open forum.
  • Open forum is held at the beginning of meetings (3:30pm or 6:00pm) and is a time for community members to address the entire Board on matters that are not on the agenda.
  • The public should be aware that individual Board members hold no authority unless they are a quorum.
  • The Board’s role during open forum is to listen and consider the item for future discussion.
  • The Board cannot address concerns or respond to items brought to open forum until they are on an agenda. Board meetings are meetings for the Board that take place in public and the public needs to be given a chance to hear discussion on any item that the board considers. 
If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact your Board President