Tuesday, January 12th Meeting
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The Woodside School Board met on Tuesday, January 12th and these are highlights of the meeting: 

Sharon LaCrosse presented a new creation project using WeVideo – a video creation application - that enables students to create unique online, video-based book reports (“book trailers”). The Trustees and attendees watched several short book trailers created by WES students, which were both highly creative and insanely cute.
County Vaccination Availability Updates
Steve updated the Board on County communications regarding vaccine availability for the county and possible considerations for our staff. The County has advised the District that vaccinations for Phase 1b should be available as soon as the next 4 weeks (based on current information).  Steve continues to work to try to accelerate that timeframe and will continue to update the Board and staff as more information becomes available.
School Calendar
The Board finalized the school calendar for next year – subject to final inputs from the WTA, and we expect the calendar will soon be posted on the school website. Stay tuned.
Student Services Update
Marta provided an update on the English Learner and Student Counseling programs, reviewing both the services offerings as well as participation rates.
Governing Board Meeting Start Times
Finally, the Board discussed the opportunity to change the time of Board meetings in order to enable more parents to attend and participate. The Board is reviewing the possibility of periodically moving Board meetings to evenings to encourage more involvement from the community.  

Tuesday, December 15th Meeting
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The Woodside School Board met on Tuesday, December 15th and these are highlights of the meeting: 

School Board Trustee Changes
The School Board, staff, teachers and parents thanked and said farewell to Sylvia Edwards and Kevin Johnson for their five and nine years of respective service to the Woodside School Board. Two new Trustees, Dan Simon and Neil Sequeira, were elected to the Woodside School Board effective January 11.  Jenn Zweig was voted in as the new President, Jenny Hayden as Vice President and Peter Bailey as Clerk. 
Instructional Technology Program Updates
Harlin Hanson, Direct of Technology provided an update on the school's success ensuring all families had adequate at-home bandwidth during distance learning. He also provided updates on the status of our ongoing Chromebook program for students (and stressed diligence on protecting these valuable learning tools), selective online curriculum platforms, and other instructional technology investments and services provided by WES. 
Principal Updates on In-Person and Virtual Learning Models
Principals Melissa Bowdoin and Jennifer Pedersen provided an update on Woodside's approach to distance and in-person learning as we migrated from remote to classroom instruction over the last several weeks. Ms. Bowdoin and Pedersen reported on the success of the fall program, following a summer of extremely hard work by the administration, teachers and staff, in executing a strong distance program for K-8. That program has now transitioned back into the classroom for participating families. Going forward the team stressed the goal to remain open and continue to adjust and improve the in-person learning models with strong support from the community. The team looks forward to welcoming back additional students who are considering returning to campus for the 2nd quarter.

The Board approved the First Interim Budget. The district amends the 2020-21 budget based on changes in revenue and expenses since adoption in June 2020. The Board will consider further budget adjustments in March for the Second Interim Budget. 
Board Retreat
The Board will have its annual retreat on January 26, 2019. The Board will discuss the following topics: Parent survey discussion, Strategic planning proposal, Math program, 2021-22 Administrative structure, 2020-21 Preschool program and budget and 2020-21 Special Education program and budget.