2017-18 Staff photo of Marta Batlle

Dr. Marta Grau Batlle
Student Services Director

Originally from Barcelona, I came to the United States to pursue my Doctorate degree. I have been working in the field of social work, clinical psychology, and education for over 18 years in the USA and Europe. I completed my undergraduate work in psychology and social work, and my Master in Clinical Psychology in Barcelona.

I have worked as a school psychologist in USA public schools for over 10 years developing psychoeducational evaluations and providing psychological support and counseling to individuals, groups, and families, as well as coordinating strategic intervention for the management of individual and school-wide crises. I have also served as a clinical consultant for complex mental health cases of children and youth. In my work in education, I have experience developing, planning, and implementing a variety of programs for all students as well as providing leadership for the Special Education Departments.

In addition to my passion for education, my professional development has also been in the area of clinical psychology. After completing an Advance Seminar in International Trauma studies at Columbia University, I developed clinical partnerships with organizations that worked with victims of complex trauma (war victims, political asylum seekers, refugees, and survivors of genocide, and gender persecution), child protection services, and social exclusion of youth,

I have completed my Doctorate at the California Institute of Integral Studies with the specialization in East-West Psychology.  My dissertation is centered in developing a whole-person approach to understanding and healing trauma using an integral psychology framework (see summary below).

I am very excited to be at Woodside surrounded by a very supportive parent community and highly dedicated and knowledgeable staff. I am very enthusiastic to continue serving our community in my role as Student services Coordinator.


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Dr. Marta Batlle’s dissertation is an initial attempt towards developing a whole-person approach to understanding and healing of trauma. A whole-person model of trauma is uniquely positioned to address the multidimensionality of trauma, the diversity of responses to traumatic events and the uniqueness of each individual’s healing and self-integration processes. By adopting an integral approach, Dr. Marta Batlle seeks to overcome the limitations of the way trauma is understood in mainstream psychology and psychiatry today.  Contemporary trauma research suggests that Western psychological models have provided a number treatment options; however, a whole–person approach to trauma, including an adequate understanding of the role of spirituality, is still in early stages of development. Integral psychology can provide a theoretical framework within which the indivisible existential and transcendental aspects of trauma may be understood in a body-mind-psyche-spirit continuum.