The Student Services Director provides small group and individual counseling to students. School-based counseling is goal-based and is intended to support students in developing healthy relationships, coping skills, and strategies to enable academic success. The Student Services Director is also available for crisis counseling and consultation for families and staff.  Students can be referred for counseling by staff, parents, or self-referral. 

If you are interested in additional resources or support, or just have general questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the contacts below. We are available to meet with individual students or groups of students as needed.

Maria Lang-Gavidia
Interim Student Services Director
(650) 851-1571 Ext. 4007
(March - July 2024)

Kate Morton
School Psychologist
(650) 851-1571 Ext. 3813 

Mena Lam
School Counselor
(650) 851-1571 Ext. 1338