Yearbook Cover Contest
Theme: Resilience in 2020-2021 
Deadline: Monday, January 11 @ 9am

There is no doubt this year is going to be one to remember. It’s been filled with restrictions and rules, canceled plans, isolation from friends and family, and many changes most of us never could have imagined. As we all get back to campus, our hope is to capture this year in our Yearbook and what it was like to be a student in 2020 & 2021. However, we don’t want this year’s Yearbook to be just about the hardships, we also want to include some of the good we have experienced. We need a cover for our Yearbook that will capture as many of the different experiences many of us have gone through to show what it was like to be a student during this pandemic. 
If you are interested in designing a yearbook cover this year, create a picture that represents our theme Resilience in 2020-2021.  
Yearbook Cover Requirements
  • The title of the yearbook will be “Woodside School” or “Woodside Wildcats” and MUST be part of your picture.
  • If not used in the title, the word “Wildcats” must appear somewhere in the picture.
  • The title should be solid, bold, and stand out.
    • It’s also better if this can be centered from side to side near the top
  • The years “2020-2021” must appear somewhere in the picture.
  • The picture should cover 8½ x 11 on plain white paper, anything outside those dimensions may not make it on the cover. You can stop by the office to pick up some cardstock for your picture.
  • Draw the picture in “portrait” layout, up and down
  • Make sure you fill the whole space by having a background behind anything in your picture. (No white space)
  • Write your name and grade lightly in pencil on the BACK of the page. We will not use your picture if your name is on the front.
We recommend you put a Wildcat on the cover to show school spirit.
Use prior yearbooks as examples.
Pictures should be school appropriate.
Due Date
The yearbook cover is due in the tray or box outside the office by
Monday, January 11th at 9:00 am!
 (If WES doesn't reopen on the 11th and students are not on campus,
please drop artwork in marked box at the office doors.)