2020-21 Yearbook Orders
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2020-2021 Yearbook Orders
Our crew of Upper School students has been working hard to put together a yearbook that captures this extreme adventure we have all been on this past year. It’s time to place your yearbook order — price is $37 per yearbook and sales will take place between March 1st - 31st. 

There are two ways to order:

#1 (online order):
#2 (check):

The week of March 1st a yearbook order envelope will be sent home. Fill out the information on the envelope and enclose a check for $37. Please make the check out to Woodside Elementary School 
    • Students can place the envelopes in the Yearbook Orders boxes when they go through the temperature screening in the morning or drop it off in the office.
If you have any questions, please contact Harlin Hansen