Latin American Bake Sale
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Thursday, October 28
The Village Hub
Before & After the School Day
Sign-up for Facepainting HERE & Pre-Order Tamales & Pan Dulce HERE
The long-awaited, new and improved LATIN AMERICAN BAKE SALE "FALL FESTIVALS OF THE AMERICAS" is BACK! The United States has Halloween, but have you heard of Dia de los Muertos, Dia de Todos los Santos or Dia de los Fieles Difuntos? Get ready to enjoy these colorful holidays from across Latin America with music, face painting, and, of course, the sweet and savory delicacies we all love!

The festivities happen the Thursday before Halloween on Thursday, October 28 both before and after school. SIGN-UP HERE for Catrin/a Facepainting (by double-masked & vaccinated artists outdoors!). Pre-order Tamales and Pan Dulce HERE (Please note: Ordering will close on Sunday, Oct. 24). Other traditional treats from across Latin America will be available first-come, first-served on the day of the event.
All proceeds go to the Woodside School Foundation 2021 Annual Fund campaign that launches on Monday, Nov 1st. Anyone interested in supporting this magical and beloved Woodside tradition please email Melissa Petkov. Come one, come all!