2023 Annual Fund
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Each fall, the Woodside School Foundation launches the Annual Fund campaign, a crucial initiative to secure funding for Woodside School. This effort highlights our commitment to educational excellence and community support by raising vital funds for the school's operating budget.
Public funding falls short in our pursuit of excellence, emphasizing the importance of the Annual Fund. It's instrumental in ensuring high-quality programs and a robust curriculum.
We invite every community member to actively participate in this campaign. Look for the participation tracking “Redwood Tree” thermometer near the school office. Our goal is 100% participation, regardless of the amount. We believe our collective efforts work best to elevate our educational community.
We face a per-child funding gap of $5,500 to maintain Woodside School's high educational standards. By coming together and supporting the Annual Fund, we collectively bridge this gap, thereby guaranteeing an exceptional educational experience for all students. 
This year's Annual Fund Campaign runs from October 18, 2023 through November 10, 2023. Pledge payments are due March 1, 2024.
Your support is greatly appreciated.

Our 2023 Annual Fund Co-Chairs
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On behalf of the Woodside School Foundation, we thank you in advance for your generous support of the Annual Fund. It takes everyone to make Woodside School a wonderful place for our children and community. Your donation, in any amount, is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions regarding the 2023 Annual Fund campaign, please contact Christina or Liz.
Christina Hengehold and Liz Smith
2023 Annual Fund Co-Chairs
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Additional Ways to Give
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  • We now accept Zelle! Please complete this online form or PDF form and email it to wsf@woodsideschool.us, then send your payment via Zelle to wsf@woodsideschool.us or using our QR code below.

  • Complete this form with your check (made payable to Woodside School Foundation) and drop it at the main school office, or mail it to: Woodside School Foundation, 3195 Woodside Road, Woodside, CA 94062.

  • Corporate Matching Funds: Matching funds may be available from your employer. Upon receipt of your donation, the WSF Office will issue a proof of payment letter for you to submit to your company’s human resources or relevant foundation department.
  • Make a pledge today, to donate by March 1, 2024.

  • Gift Securities

  • Use your Donor Advised Fund
Questions about Corporate Matching, Pledging, and Gifting Securities may be directed to the Woodside School Foundation office. 

WSF Now Accepts Zelle
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Please complete the online pledge form (select Pay Later) or notify the WSF Office via email if you plan to send funds via Zelle. 
How to use the QR code to send funds via Zelle:
  • Find Zelle® in your banking app, click “Send,” then click on the QR code icon displayed at the top of the “Select Recipient” screen.
  • Your phone’s camera will open.
  • To send money using a Zelle® QR code, simply point your camera at the recipient’s Zelle® QR code, enter the amount, hit “Send,” and the money is on the way!
You may use Zelle to send any payment to the Foundation: Annual Fund donation, auction party payment, etc. Note your bank may have limits on how much you can send via Zelle at one time. If you need assistance, please let us know.

Access Your Donor Portal Here

Find donation records, tax documents, and manage pledges here.