What is the mission of the WSF?
In this era of inadequate funding for public education, the mission of the Woodside School Foundation is to provide a dependable flow of funds to supplement the budget at Woodside School. The aim is to ensure continued excellence in academic, social,and cultural programs at the school. The WSF raises this financial support from, and is accountable to, the parents and the wider community. The WSF coordinates its efforts with the school board, the school administration, and other school organizations.
How are the funds raised?
The WSF puts on two annual fundraisers, the Annual Fund (formerly called the Fall Campaign) and the Grand Auction. Additionally, WSF helped raise a Capital Campaign to help fund the new Design Lab, Sellman Auditorium and Preschool building.

Occasionally individuals make donations that underwrite specific programs (directed gifts) or are specifically earmarked for the endowment. The WSF endowment also provides income each year that may be used to fund current programs. In 2008, the WSF began an initiative to raise funds from the local businesses that our school community supports. Called the Community Partners program, it has grown as a source of revenue.
What is the endowment?
In addition to the Annual Fund and Auction proceeds, over the years many families in the community have made generous donations with the request that the money be held and invested by the Foundation, such that the annual gain is available to be granted to the school but the principal held in perpetuity. The WSF endowment today is actually made up of several separate funds, some earmarked by the donors for specific purposes such as faculty development, science and technology or art. 
Why do we need the endowment?
Although the funds raised by the Annual Fund and Grand Auction each year have been fairly consistent, the monumental cost of educating our children continues to rise steadily. The hope is that income from the endowment can help to cover this difference. Additionally, as a Basic Aid District, we are always aware of the potential threat to our property tax base. A Basic Aid District is a school district that covers the state's obligation for unrestricted funding per public school student through local property taxes alone. In 2003, the Governor's office proposed a taking of excess property taxes above a revenue limit, which would have significantly cut our budget. Fortunately, the proposal was not implemented.
What do our donations to the WSF currently fund?
Your contributions are applied school-wide at the discretion of the School Board. Without them the following subjects and activities would be reduced or eliminated, and class sizes would be much larger:
  • Art
  • Curriculum Development
  • Early Literacy/Reading Discovery
  • Global Citizen Curriculum
  • Librarian
  • Middle School Development
  • Music: Instrumental and Vocal
  • Outdoor Education
  • Performing Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Spanish/Mandarian
  • Staff Development
  • Technology
Donations to the WSF are tax-deductible.

We also want to remind people that there are additional ways to support the WSF. Hundreds of parents and community members volunteer their time and talents to help with our fundraising efforts each year. Contact a board member or the fundraising chairs if you would like to help with the Annual Fund, Grand Auction or Community Partners program.
What are the Annual Fund donation levels this year?
  • Valedictorian ($30,000 and over)
  • Summa Cum Laude ($22,000 - $29,999)
  • Magna Cum Laude ($16,500 - $21,999)
  • Dean's List ($11,000 - $15,499)
  • Merit Scholar ($5,500 - $10,999)
  • Honor Roll ($1,000 - $5,499)
  • Partner ($1 - $999)
Can I direct where my donation dollars are to be spent?
Because state funding is unpredictable and can change dramatically from year-to-year, and the rules governing state finances are complex, we encourage people to donate to the WSF General Fund. These gifts can then be directed where the school administration and School Board determine they are needed most. If you wish to make a directed gift to underwrite a specific program or wish to make a donation to the endowment to benefit future generations, please contact the WSF Board President.
How can I double my donation?
Many companies offer matching gift programs—it's an easy way to double the impact of a contribution. Please check with your company's human resources department to obtain a matching gift form to include with your donation.

Companies that have made matching donations in the past include Adobe, Applied Materials, The Capital Group, Cisco, Electronic Arts, Google, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Intuit, Prudential Securities and Wells Fargo.
How can I make a donation?
Tax-deductible contributions can be dropped off at the school office, or mailed to WSF, 3195 Woodside Road, Woodside, CA 94062.
Donations may be made via check, Zelle, or online, a transfer of securities, a pledge, and extended through your employer's corporate matching program. 
  • In Person: Drop off your donation in the main school office or stop by the Foundation office (Room 39C)
  • By Mail: Woodside School Foundation, 3195 Woodside Road, Woodside, CA  94062
  • Online: Click here to donate online
  • By Zelle: Complete the online form or the  and email it to wsf@woodsideschool.us. Then send your Zelle payment to wsf@woodsideschool.us (QR code below)
  • Pledges: Make a pledge during the campaign to donate on or before March 1
  • Corporate Matching Funds: Matching funds may be available from your employer and are a great way to extend the benefit of your donation. Upon receipt of your donation, the WSF office will issue a proof of payment letter for you to submit to your company’s human resources or relevant foundation department.
  • Gift Securities: Your tax-deductible contribution may also be in the form of a direct transfer of securities to the Woodside School Foundation; this may provide you with additional tax benefits (please consult a qualified tax advisor). See instructions below. 
Woodside School Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization and all donations to are tax-deductible. The Foundation's Federal Tax ID is 94-2928552. The WSF was created to fill the shortfall in public funding for elementary education, as mentioned above. The Annual Fund is one of two major fundraisers used by the WSF to achieve this goal.
Both the WSF and the PTA need strong parental and community support to succeed in their respective missions.
What are the other donations requested by the school or school organizations?
Each school year, there are several different school and school-related organizations that ask for a donation:

Class Fund
For each grade, the room parents solicit and manage a class fund that is used to purchase classroom supplies. Families are asked for adonation of $50-$130, depending on the grade. (Scholarships are available from the PTA for any families who need assistance, and inquiries are treated in strict confidence.)

Field Trips
Some classes have field trips during the year which are paid for separately -- notably Gold Country, Marin Headlands, Yosemite, and Washington, DC, among others. Again, scholarships are available from the PTA and from the 8th-grade scholarship fund.

The Woodside PTA puts on special events and after-school classes throughout the year, provides emergency supplies, and publishes the school directory and handbook. The PTA also provides scholarships to families in need, so that all students can participate in field trips and other school activities. The PTA raises money through annual dues, through the Scrip program, and through school merchandise sales (WES sweatshirts, etc).

Student Class Fundraisers
During the year the students conduct fundraisers to support class specific activities.These include the fall magazine drive for the Student Council, Friday ice cream sales, and the annual Sally Foster gift wrap drive, which raises money to support scholarships for the 8th grade Washington, DC, field trip.