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The mission of the Woodside School Foundation (WSF) is to raise money to supplement the budget at Woodside School, ensuring continued excellence in academic, social and cultural programs at the school. Our award-winning school has an annual total budget of $12 million (or approximately $25,000 per child), of which $10 million comes from property taxes and other local sources. The $2 million shortfall is raised annually by the Woodside School Foundation through two fundraisers — the Annual Fund and the Grand Auction. In raising approximately 20% of the school's budget, our WSF community provides the support needed to continue to invest in curriculum development, new classroom materials, and robust professional training programs for our teachers.
Our community continues to demonstrate amazing generosity and commitment to our public school, raising an average of $5,400 per student. These charitable donations from families and the community enable Woodside School to offer the programs presented below: