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California's Common Core Standards are designed to reflect the knowledge and skills that our students need for success in college and careers. A common set of learning goals helps teachers and parents ensure students are challenged and making appropriate progress.

English Language Arts & Writing: The K-5 standards correspond to the broader College and Career Readiness (CCR) anchor standards while providing a focus for instruction by grade level. The CCSS for English Language Arts place an emphasis on reading, writing, speaking and listening across the curriculum. The K-5 writing standards focus on 4 of the College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards. Below is a brief description of what that means for our K-5 students.
  1. Text Types and Purposes: Students will focus on writing argument, informative/explanatory texts, and narratives, both real and imagined. Arguments will use reasoning and evidence to support claims. Informative/Explanatory texts will examine or convey ideas and information clearly, effectively, and organized. Narratives will be organized to present well-structured event sequences and well-chosen details.
  2. Production and Distribution of Writing: Students' writing will be clear, coherent, and well developed. The writing produced will be organized and produced in a style that matches the task, purpose, and audience. Students will use the writing process (planning, revising, editing, publishing) or another approach to strengthen and develop their writing. Additionally, technology will be used to produce and publish their writing as well as for collaboration.
  3. Research to Build and Present Knowledge: Students will conduct research projects (both short and more sustained) and will gather information from multiple sources (print and digital). They will assess the relevancy and the accuracy of both the information and the source. Evidence for analysis, reflection, or research may be gathered from literacy and/or informational texts.
  4. Range of Writing: Students will write for a range of tasks, purposes, and audiences. Additionally, they will write regularly for both extended time frames and shorter time frames.  

CCSS California Math Standards
Mathematic Practice Standards (same for all grade levels) and Mathematical Content Standards (particular to each grade):

  • Content Standards Organized by domains
  • A cluster of standards fall under each domain
  • 8 Mathematical Practices are K-12
  • Practices focus on processes and proficiencies that educators will be helping to develop in their students that will propel their mathematics expertise.
Science Standards

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To learn more about grade level expectations under the Common Core State Standards, please review these grade-specific parent guides provided by the National PTA.