All current 4th and 5th grade Woodside School students who are interested in shadowing our Middle School are welcome to do so. It is our belief that the Woodside Middle School offers a comprehensive program that rivals that of any school in the area, and we want our students to experience what we have to offer.  

After 4th and 5th grade parents attend our Meet the Middle School presentation and meeting all of the Middle School teachers, students can spend a day learning what life is like in Middle School.  Each 4th and 5th grade student will be assigned a Middle School buddy for the day.  They will attend all of the classes for the day and get a feel for what students do in Middle School.  

We only allow shadowing to current 4th and 5th grade students and any non-Woodside School student who resides within our District boundaries.  Because of this, we set specific shadowing dates to limit the loss of instructional time.  Parents can sign their students up for 4th and 5th grade shadowing either during the Meet the Middle School Presentation or in the office.  Shadowing is typically held at the end of October.