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Ms. Linette Griffith
Rm. 9

I am beginning my 14th year in the Woodside School District. I pride myself on creating a safe learning environment for my students, giving them the confidence to take chances when problem solving, even if it means to fail the first time. I have a passion for mathematics and believe that all students are mathematical and just need the experiences to build their confidence. My classroom pushes students to learn from each other and work off each other’s strength’s and weaknesses, teaching them resilience and to persevere through daily challenges. I enjoy watching my students grow from start to finish and teaching them to become life-long learners. Teaching is my passion and my hope is to instill that love of learning in my students every day, pushing them to always do their personal best.

I reside in Belmont and have a daughter, Jessi, who graduated from Cal State Long Beach and continues to live and work in southern California. I enjoy working out, spending time with my family and Maui and Colorado are my favorite places to relax and vacation.
Linette Griffith and graduate