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The FOSS Science Program is implemented in grades K-6. FOSS is a hands-on, laboratory science program that is multi-sensory in design. Students are encouraged to use all senses when making scientific observations. Most experiments rely on cooperative grouping where students take on the responsibilities and management associated with hands-on science. The evidence that the children progress through recognizable stages of cognitive development guides all activities. FOSS activities are tailored to the cognitive abilities of this age group.

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The Young Astronauts Program is designed, sponsored, and taught by Stanford graduate students. The instructors developed a curriculum especially for our third graders that promotes the love and study of space. The lessons cover such topics as space history, the solar system, basic physics, airplanes and how they fly, space exploration, and rockets. We are so fortunate to have these experts come into our classrooms and conduct these special lessons on a monthly basis. The program comes to a spirited culmination with the children building and launching their own rockets. 

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