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Do you remember being a third grader?  Many adults look back on their eight and nine year-old selves joyfully as this phase of a child's life is one of significant development: physically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally.
One significant shift is that, in earlier grades children are learning to read, while in third grade they are reading to learn. This provides the vast majority of third graders with a greater opportunity to learn a great deal about the world around them and to think critically about new ideas.
Third Grade in Woodside Elementary School is committed to helping each child meet the academic and social-emotional competencies expected at this grade level and become an engaged learner in the classroom setting.
One sentiment that unifies our third grade teaching team is that, while we have consistently high academic expectations, we also value the magical time that is childhood and aim to harness our students' creativity, curiosity, boundless energy, and imagination to shape the dynamic nature of the classroom.
Image of 2018 Valentine's Day box in 3rd grade