The Woodside School Community has always considered the library and library services to be a vital part of our k-8 school. With a collection of over 17,000 volumes, twenty networked computers, an online catalog and a credentialed librarian, we are committed to preparing our students for the 21st century.
Our mission is to provide students, staff, and families free access to a wide variety of literature and information resources. Through collaborative instruction, the librarian and the classroom teachers will ensure the students become effective users of information, competent and eager readers, and lifelong learners.
The librarian will follow School Library Standards for California Public Schools adopted by the California Board of Education to indicate at which grade level specific skills should be introduced, reinforced, and mastered.
Organization of Standards:
1)    Students access information
2)    Students evaluate information
3)    Students use information
4)    Students integrate information literacy skills into all areas of learning
The Big6 research process model will be incorporated into lessons and projects that are research based and address the information seeking standards.  Using this model the students will learn to first define the task and determine best sources to use. They will practice how to locate and access the sources they need, and how to navigate through sources using guide words, indexes, and other means to find the specific information needed within those sources. They will learn how to extract, synthesize and organize the relevant information and then present the material using their own words in a variety of formats.
Promoting cultural literacy and love for reading are core elements of the library program and are embraced by our highly literate and active parent community. Literacy is promoted in many contexts such as: reading aloud on regular basis; offering ongoing reading challenges; engaging in the Nonfiction Minute; encouraging students to participate in the Accelerated Reader program; offering author presentations; providing opportunities for students to experience a variety of literary genres, themes and viewpoints; introducing children to a variety of new, classic and award-winning literature through book talks; providing an engaging summer reading program; participating in programs like California Young Reader Medal contest, Read Across America, National Poetry Month and National Turn Off Your Television Week; hosting an annual Book Fair; and establishing and maintaining a close relationship with the Woodside Public Librarian.
Library Schedule: Students in TK-5th have weekly class visits to the library. Students in grades 6-8th grades visit the library on an as-needed basis. The library is open at recess and lunch to provide students with access to the materials and for homework and reading. Primary students often come to play board games and color.

Library Organization: The fiction is organized to help the students easily find books at their level. Teachers use developmental reading assessments (DRA) to determine a reading level and each student is given a corresponding guided reading letter (GRL).  We have a vast collection of picture books, an Easy Reader section for emergent readers (levels D-K), a Beginning Chapter book section (levels L-P), a Fiction section for middle grade readers (T-Z), and a young adult section for middle school students. The nonfiction is organized according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System, and includes a separate section for young adult nonfiction titles.

Collection Development:  Our collection holds 17, 962 books. We circulate over 3,700 books per month. Our librarian is responsible for keeping collection development and keeping our materials up to date. Our rich collection of fiction mirrors our highly literate community. Nonfiction topics coincide with the common core curriculum, and include other high interest topics.