Students should come to school wearing masks that are appropriate for their faces. Adult masks do not fit on a child’s face snugly. If your child comes to school with an ill-fitted mask, we will give them a paper mask for the day. It is crucial that our students are wearing masks that fit them without slipping down their noses. Please work with your child to ensure they know how to wear their masks appropriately. This is the number one way we will slow the spread of germs and viruses.

Food allergies are a real concern for some of our students. As a school community, we must do all we can to keep them safe. A letter went home last week indicating if your child's classroom needs to be mindful of a child's allergy in their class. It is crucial to the health and safety of that child that we all follow the guidelines and requirements explained in this letter. This is one way we can bond together and consider all our students' needs. If you have any questions or are unsure if this applies to you, please reach out to your child's teacher.

Lower School Happenings
  • First Line-Up - On Wednesday, September 1st, we had our first Wednesday line-up in over a year and a half. It was filled with celebrations of our strong community and showing gratitude for being together. We are structuring our monthly line-ups a bit differently this year. We will not have Paws of Praise. Our goal is to make each assembly community-focused and to build on our SEL practices with performances and announcements for the students. Student recognition is an important part of our students’ experience. We are looking for ways to change up the way we honor our students with more “in the moment” recognitions. We value our students’ positive contributions towards our school community, and want to show them we see them and their leadership qualities. Once we finalize our plans for student recognition, we will send out a follow-up communication explaining the details.
  • Lower School Homework: As we transition back to some semblance of normalcy, while still wanting to respect the stressors related to an ever-changing climate, and your child’s need for school-life balance, the Lower School homework expectations are for each student to complete nightly reading. In addition to nightly reading, students may need to complete occasional take-home projects. If you’d like support in providing your child with appropriately-leveled books at home, please reach out to your child’s teacher.
Recess and Lunch Time Options
Our students are loving all the variety presented to them within their school day! In addition to the wonderful lessons and experiences our teachers provide our students, we are also adding to the choices our students have during recess and lunch. Our library is open for students to read, draw, and have a quiet place to hang out. In addition to this, Ms. Jones and Ms. LaCrosse are also working with our Community Service elective students to provide organized games for our Lower School students to engage in. We are really excited to provide so many opportunities to our students during their break times.