WES Covid Self-Portrait Project
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We are so excited that our Woodside kiddos are returning to school. But, we miss seeing your faces under those masks! So, we hope everyone will participate in our Covid Self-Portrait project. We will post your artwork all over the school campus. Use this project to remind us all of who you are — what do you look like, what do you love, how would you describe yourself? You may write words that describe yourself, or include pictures or your hobbies, pets, interests - whatever you want!
We have two different templates, one for LOWER SCHOOL, and one for UPPER SCHOOL. But, please use whatever template you want. You may turn your self-portrait in to your teacher at any time if you are already on campus. For those returning on November 30 or December 7, please bring your self-portraits when you return. 

Lower School Template & ExamplesTop of Page

LS template pg. 1
LS template
LS example
LS example

Upper School TemplateTop of Page

Upper School template