2022-23 PTA Events
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Aug 14: 4 to 5pm - New Family Ice Cream Social
Aug 18: “Welcome Back” Parent Coffee - 8:30am (The Village Hub)
Aug 23: PTA Board Meeting- 6:30pm
Aug 26: Back to School BBQ
Sept 6:  PTA General Meeting - 8:30am  (Committee sign-ups, Welcome)
Sept 8: Teacher Luncheon (PTA Board hosts)
Sept 8:  Back to School Night & Parent Socials 
Oct 6: PTA Board Meeting - 6:30pm 
Oct 15: Holiday Family Photo Fundraiser
Oct  18: Garden Fest
Oct  20: Teacher Luncheon (5th & 6th grade hosts)
Oct 29: Holiday Family Photo Fundraiser
Oct 31: Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest
Nov 1: PTA Board Meeting - 8:30am in Wildcats Room
Nov 17: Teacher Luncheon (7th grade hosts)
Nov 17: Emily Joubert Fundraiser
Nov 28 - Dec 7: PTA sponsored Read-a-Thon Fundraiser 
Dec 5-9: Book Fair/Gift of Giving
Dec. 8: PTA General Meeting - 8:45am Wildcats & via Zoom
Dec 21: Holiday Teacher Luncheon  (TK & Kinder hosts)
Jan 24: PTA Board Meeting - 8:45am (Hybrid / Wildcats)
Jan 10: PTA Board Meeting - 6:30pm
Jan 19: Teacher Luncheon (PS & 3rd grade hosts)
Feb 16: Teacher Luncheon (2nd grade hosts)
March 7: PTA Board Meeting - 6:30pm 
March 16: Teacher Luncheon (1st and 4th grade hosts, ½ day)
Apr 4: PTA Board Meeting - 8:30am in Wildcats room
May 1-5: Teacher Appreciation Week
May 2:  PTA General Meeting - 8:45am @ Wildcats & Zoom
May 4: Teacher Luncheon (8th grade hosts in Wildcats)
May 6: May Day
June 7: Teacher Breakfast (PTA Board hosts in library courtyard)
June 7: PTA General Meeting/Milestones & Recognitions - 8:30am Courtyard
TBD: Final PTA Board Meeting (Melody’s House)


Traditional PTA Events
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  • New Family Buddy Program
  • New Family Ice Cream Social 
  • Back to School Coffee
  • Back to School BBQ 
  • PTA Teacher Luncheon
  • Teacher Luncheons by Grade
  • Garden Fest
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest
  • Student School Photos
  • Grade-Level School Photos 
  • Family Holiday Photos
  • After-School
  • Enrichment Classes
  • Original Art
  • Teacher Grants
  • Student Scholarships 
  • Parent Education
  • Middle School BBQs
  • May Day

PTA Instagram Account
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Connect with your Woodside communityInstagram
through our new PTA Instagram account @woodsideschoolpta!
Miss feeling connected during this season of at-home distance learning? Help us build a sense of community by sending photos of your kids working and playing at home so that we can post them on our Instagram account. Simply send your photos to Melody at melody.westervelt@gmail.com and she'll post for you. Just one more way of reminding us that we are all in this together! Please follow us on Instagram: @woodsideschoolpta or click HERE.
Disclaimer: We will not use any student names in our captions, to protect confidentiality. By sending us your photos, you are granting us permission to post them. The Instagram account is private, so may only be accessed by those who have been given permission to follow it (members of our school community).