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1.)  Above all, treat teachers with respect. Assume best intentions. 

2.)  Keep in mind that teachers are teaching and caring for all of his/her students all day. Teachers cannot respond emails and phone calls during school hours. 

3.)  Be proactive about communicating. Send a short email if you'd like to have a chat briefly describing the subject matter. Don't write too much as emails can be misconstrued. 

4.)  By 3rd grade, encourage your child to respectfully advocate for herself/himself. Ask your child to go back and ask his/her teacher about homework question, clarifying question, etc.

5.)  Always go directly to a teacher with any questions or issues. Teachers appreciate your feedback. Only go to admin once you've done so and there are still unresolved issues or concerns. 

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Presentation Slides from the 9.20.18 Discussion Session

The Parent/Teacher Relationship
Parents and teachers both have the best interests of their children in mind. Communication is the key to staying on the same page and supporting the whole development of each child. In this presentation, led by Preschool Director Tom Limbert, we will explore the parent teacher relationship and the best practices that lead to genuine trust and understanding and ultimately, the ideal support of each child’s academic experiences.