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Common Ground records most of their events but prefers not to share the link publically. If you want to view a past event, please email PTA Parent Education coordinator Mia Hall to request the recorded zoom link. 

Common Ground
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A Panel Discussion
Wednesday, Oct 12; 7:00pm
Event details & registration HERE
A panel of California admissions professionals will address the seismic shift in college admissions since the beginning of the pandemic and what the current landscape for applicants looks like.  Our experts from Cal, Stanford and Cal Tech discuss what has changed, what remains the same, and what to expect going forward for high school students applying to college.


Common Ground
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Raising Thrivers: Parenting Tools and Tips for
an Anxious, Uncertain World
Wednesday, November 9; 7:00pm
Event details & registration TO COME
We all want our kids to thrive, but research shows that our kids are experiencing more loneliness, stress and depression than ever before, and are becoming more risk averse and anxious. Dr. Michele Borba, Ed.D. an internationally renowned educator, award-winning author, and parenting expert, has devised effective solution-based strategies to share with parents to revamp how they parent and strengthen their children’s character, resilience, and reduce peer cruelty. Join us for this thought-provoking session in which Dr. Borba shows us how thrivers are made, not born. You’ll learn seven traits that science says matter most in happiness and success (even more than IQ and grades) and help kids thrive in this uncertain world.

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Common Sense Media
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SUHS Parent Education Series
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What should parents know about fentanyl use/abuse? This fall, we offer Fentanyl Prevention Education (October 19, Online) with Prevention Solutions, Hazeldon Betty Ford Foundation.

NEW! Want to help your children discover awe and wonder? Join Deborah Farmer Kris, author, developmental expert, and founder of Parenthood365, for How to Raise Awe-Filled Kids (Even When the World Feel Awful) (September 14, Online). 

We've all heard that stress is harmful, but can it be good for students? Join Kelly McGonigal, PhD, author and Stanford health psychologist, for The Upside of Stress: Why Stress is Good for You, and How to Get Good at It (September 22, Online).

The Parent Forums (virtual discussion groups) open with Edwin Fernandez, LCSW, in El Perdón: Como Ser Padres Que Perdona (September 13, Online) and Eran Magen, PhD, with How to Support Your Upset Child or Teen (September 30, Online).

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Full listing of upcoming events offered by the SUHS Parent Education Series HERE.

Friday, September 16 @ 7pm
Event Details & Registration HERE
Join us for an engaging panel discussion on youth mental health with Lynn Lyons, Dr. Meag-gan O’Reilly, and Challenge Success co-founder, Dr. Denise Pope. The panel discussion is part of our fall conference as well as one of our commitments to the U.S. Surgeon General’s call to action on the youth mental health crisis. This interactive evening will also feature local adolescent* students and provide attendees with concrete strategies for improving youth mental health in their schools and families.