Common Ground
Common Ground records most of their events but prefers not to share the link publically. If you want to view a past event, please email PTA Parent Education coordinator Mia Hall to request the recorded zoom link. 

Common Ground
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Joyous Celebration of Ideas, the Arts, Science, and Efforts to Make the World a Better Place
July 17-20th, 2023
Register to attend virtually thru live-streaming &/or video recording at:
Bringing people from very different backgrounds together to learn about & from one another.
Pushing people to think in new ways, see the need for different perspectives, & birth new insights so that all children, and people everywhere, can thrive.

Full listing for 2022-23 Common Ground events schedule HERE.

Common Sense Media
Full listing of 2022-23 Common Sense Media events schedules HERE.
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SUHS Parent Education Series
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