Common Ground
Common Ground records most of their events but prefers not to share the link publically. If you want to view a past event, please email Claire Pollioni to request the recorded zoom link. 

Common Ground
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Emotional Intelligence:
Unlocking the Power of Emotions​
Tues., Jan 25; 7pm-8:15pm
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As we continue to navigate this post-pandemic life our emotions can serve as key sign-posts for developing strategies to better manage the stress and uncertainty of what comes next. Tapping into our emotions and naming them can help us make better decisions, build stronger relationships, perform better academically and professionally and improve our health. In this talk Dr. Brackett will discuss how giving our children and ourselves permission to feel our feelings and name them can increase our ability to regulate tough emotions using tools such as the “mood meter” and “meta moment” to be our best selves in addressing day to day stressors.*****
Combating Loneliness Through Connection and Community
with Kasley Killam, MPH
Tuesday, February 10; 7:00 - 8:15pm
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Isolation and loneliness have become commonplace during the COVID-19 pandemic, but in fact, they’ve been widespread for years. And while we are used to thinking of health in two dimensions, the physical health of the body and the mental health of the mind, Kasley advocates we should include a third dimension of social health to include our relationships. In this talk, she will explore the science of how loneliness affects health and share practical tips for building supportive relationships and staying connected

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parent education series

Smoking on Snapchat? Talking about Vapes, E-Cigs, and Tobacco with Teens
January 19, 2022 @ 5:30-6:30 pm
Event details & registration HERE
What should parents know about teenage trends in vaping, tobacco, e-cigarettes, and social media? Join Erin Vogel, PhD, USC, to learn more.
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Social-Emotional Learning and Positive School Climate — What Parents Need to Know and Can Do
Tues., Jan. 25; 6:00 – 7:30 pm
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Join our interactive workshop on building school-parent partnerships in San Mateo County to promote social-emotional learning (SEL) and a positive school climate.

Parents know how important strong social-emotional skills and a positive school climate are for kids to be engaged learners and to become healthy, happy adults. But, what can schools and parents do to create supportive, safe environments on-campus and at-home? How can we work together to promote SEL skills among students, teachers, and ourselves? And what does local survey data show about the state of school climate in San Mateo County schools?