2022-23 Room Parents
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2022-23 Room/Grade Parents
Get involved and be a Room Parent for your child's grade next year! The PTA is looking for room parents (max 3 per grade) for all grades for the 2022-23 school year. If you haven't volunteered for this role in the past, now is the time. If interested or want to learn more, please contact Beth Nash

2021-22 Room Parents
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Preschool & Pre-K
Caitlin Rozzi, Sheena Mawson
Jamie Boyle
Carly Rivera (Head), Monica Dean Elvira Ramirez,
Liana Brown, Sheena Mawson, Melissa Petkov
1st Grade
Tori Humphrey (Head), Alex Furner, Sonee Arce
2nd Grade
Deborah and Lars Hagenbuch (Head)
Kelly Murphy
3rd Grade
Tori Humphrey (Head), Monica Dean
Leah Bernthal, Carly Rivera; Sheena Mawson
4th Grade
Alisia Cheuk (Head), Elvira Ramirez, Melissa Land
5th Grade
Christina Hengehold (Head), Trisha Hershberg, Sheena Mawson
6th Grade
Melody Westervelt (Head), Alana Jacobson
7th Grade
Amanda Peiffer (Head), Scottie Durrett
8th Grade
Claire Pollioni (Head), Alana Jacobson