Next Level Football (Girls)
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We are excited that Next Level Football is offering its first season of Girls Flag Football from January 14th to March 18th at Aragon High School in San Mateo.  The program is being offered for 1st graders through 8th graders. 
The commitment is 1.5 hours per week ONLY – a Saturday 30-minute practice followed by a one-hour game in the afternoon or evening UNDER THE LIGHTS. 
Please register here starting Friday 9/30: 
This is an incredible opportunity to get Bay Area girls exposed to flag football with parents coaching. Spread the word . . . to friends, family, neighbors, and those who play with your kids on other sports teams.  Next Level Football is a great league that has been offering flag football for many years in the Bay Area.  Historically, girls have been welcome to play in the “co-ed” league (95%+ boys). 
In some places in the country, girls flag football is a varsity sport at the high school level. My daughter and I hope that perhaps this league is the spark that can lead to a broader interest in flag football for girls here in the Bay Area. If you have a 1st grade to 8th grade daughter, please encourage them to give this a shot.  It is not much of a time commitment at 1.5 hours a week.  It is meant to be a fun league where girls can learn to play flag football in a safe and fun environment.  There is nothing like playing flag football for the players and the older kids will have the incredible opportunity to play under the lights!  It is also a ton of fun to watch and socialize while watching this great sport.  It is a fun league and fun for all whether watching or playing!
Again, please register here starting Friday 9/30: