2022 Halloween in The Glens
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Trick or treating in the Glens!

Trick or treating in the Glens (Highland Terrace/Alta Mesa Rd.) is happening tonight!
We are still taking candy donations!
Feel free to drop off candy at the school office today (10/31) by 3:10pm.
There will be a TACO TRUCK located on the trick-or-treating loop too (Highland Terrace)! 
They take cash, apple pay, etc. 
Food will be ready to purchase at 4:45pm. 
Trick or treating will start at 5:30pm. 
The loop (Highland Terrace/Alta Mesa Rd) will be blocked off to cars. 
Parking is limited. Please walk,  carpool, or bike if possible. 
Please bring flashlights, headlamps,  glow sticks, and anything to help light up you and your child. 
It gets very dark in the Glens.  
Thank you, everyone!  Happy Halloween!