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A huge THANK YOU to the parents and community members
who supported SR2S this spring and summer!

UPDATE: The SR2S petition to raise both the awareness and priority of critical safety issues confronting our kids as they walk and bike to school was strongly supported by WES parents (over 300 signatures) and was presented to the Town Council on June 12 accompanied by over 40 attending Woodside parents (thank you parents!). The TC meeting was very productive! After presenting the petition and after the attending parents took the time to tell their stories and express their concerns about increasing traffic and pedestrian safety risks in Woodside, the Town responded by embracing the petition and voted to take both short term and longer term action.  So what does this mean?  First, the Town is acting quickly to address a few critical path and crosswalk updates and additions around town  this summer and early fall (expected to be completed by end of September) as part of the already-in-queue and approved repaving project that will touch much of Woodside’s road infrastructure in the next few months.  This is effectively the road work / enhancements that could be done on short notice. 

: Furthermore, the Town voted to immediately allocate budget in order to hire an additional police officer to police traffic safety around Woodside with a focus on the School at morning and afternoon School travel times.  Expect to see this resource on the road as school starts this fall.  

IMMEDIATE ACTIONS: On the agenda for 2019, the the Town had already planned and is executing a path upgrade between Roberts and WES on the South Side of 84, in partnership with CalTrans who regulates and manages state roads, including Highway 84.  We believe this is a critical enhancement in aiding safe routes for our kids. In addition, the Town Council agreed that a more comprehensive plan is needed to address the many safety risks posed by the increase in the amount of traffic and speed of traffic during school hours (and around Town generally) and to ultimately pursue a “master plan” that could include a system of paths, crosswalks, stop signs, traffic obstacles and more that would effectively slow down traffic as well as provide a path system that would enable our kids and community members to safely navigate (walking or biking) their way to the School or Town center. Such a system, all TC members agreed, would be a tremendous asset to our community for generations to come, and given existing horse and pedestrian paths, seems feasible. As parents, we interpret this to mean that a child within a reasonable distance of School/Town should be able to safely walk or bike to school.  This is the vision of the parents who supported SR2S thus far and a vision we believe is widely supported.  To achieve this vision, more work lies ahead but we believe there is a lot of excitement and will to see this done. The good news so far is the Town Council has embraced this vision conceptually and is taking quick action in the short term.  

FUNDING FROM CALTRANS: In addition, Woodside Elementary School District has applied for and been accepted to participate in the San Mateo County Safe Routes to School for Health and Wellness project for the 2018-19 school year. Through funding awarded from the Caltrans Active Transportation Program (ATP), the program will address three critical areas of long-term program sustainability:

●  Embedding in-class bicycle and pedestrian safety education in targeted grades aligned to existing education standards
●  The development of school cultures that support safe and healthy school travel
●  The empowerment of parents and community to embrace active forms of transportation 

Safe Routes for Health and Wellness will run a pilot in thefall of 2018 before countywide program implementation in the 2019-2020 school year. The pilot is designed to support ten schools, three of which will be in communities of concern, two schools in rural areas and five schools will be in urban areas not supporting communities of concern. During this pilot, schools will receive hands-on support and training to implement program curriculum and activities.

: Finally, as we return to school next week, there is much we can do as parents. First, to continue to support and communicate with the Town about achieving the vision for SR2S (and get involved if you are interested in helping). Second, to actively teach our kids about traffic safety and how to safely navigate their way to school (while these measures will help, training our kids about traffic safety remains critical). Third, if you are willing and able, get in the practice of walking or biking with your kids to school until they are of an age where they can safely navigate their way on their own and/or with buddies.  Many of us grew up with the freedom and joy of walking and biking to school, and perhaps the implied ethos is why we moved here. We believe we can provide this opportunity for our kids in Woodside if we continue to collaborate and work to get it done.  Thanks for your support for SR2S!

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Please help support our efforts to create safe routes to school in Woodside.  Our kids face increasing risks crossing Canada Road, Mountain Home Road, Woodside Road and many local roads that are increasingly dangerous due to the “Waze-effect” of commuter traffic getting rerouted through Woodside.  Every day kids are at high risk (as are equestrians and bicyclists).  We can make change with your support and as a community coming together on this issue.  Please see the attached petition which we will present to the Town Council in the coming weeks.  WE NEED YOUR VOTE, YOUR SPOUSE'S VOTE, GRANDMA'S VOTE; every vote counts and helps illustrate the support for SR2S in our community!   PLEASE SUPPORT SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL!   

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