SR2S updates 2019
SR2S updates 2019
SR2S updates 2019

Suggested Routes To SchoolTop of Page

We encourage all WES families and students to walk or bike to school. Please find 3 suggested routes from various Woodside neighborhoods that all lead to school HERE (or see below). The Tripp/Summit Springs route uses the unnamed road/alley/driveway off Tripp (close to Noel). At the end of the paved road, to the right (before entering private property) there is a horse trail that continues along Woodside Road to Kings Mountain. 
SR2S suggested routes (4.2019)

SMCOE Walk & Roll BookletTop of Page

Knowing if, when, and how to introduce your child to walking or biking to and from school can be a challenging and highly personal decision. While there isn’t any one correct age or method for making this transition, San Mateo County’s Safe Routes to School team is here to provide guidance and helpful tips for parents weighing their options. Click HERE to view SMCOE's Walk & Roll Booklet. 

SR2S Update (4.8.19)Top of Page

In addition to the new cross walks on Mountain Home and Canada, and moving the crosswalk at Romero - this summer a new path will be built on the South Side of 84 from Roberts to the School - to be completed by the Town before School starts in the Fall.  There will also be a new crosswalk across 84 at Woody the Fish (by Bucks) to get to this new path.  All this is going a long way to improving Safe Routes to School.
This is great progress - however, there is more to do over the long term.  We have a vision for continued improvements on paths and traffic management so all our kids can safely walk or bike to school.  Further, the Town has committed to making this a priority going forward (e.g. budget) and this effort will be led by the Circulation Committee who is a body of citizens working on these issues and reporting to the Town Council.
Opportunity to get Involved:
The Circulation Committee has open seats and leadership is needed to continue to enhance and improve safe routes in Woodside.  The Town is looking for two individuals to join the committee and help drive the vision for SR2S as well as the overall circulation of the town (relevant for cars, pedestrians, equestrians etc.).
If you have interest in serving on this important committee, please contact Chris Shaw who is on the Town Council and liaison for the Circulation Committee.  

Follow up To SR2S Meeting on 2.28.19Top of Page

The Town has taken the following actions since the 2/28 SR2S meeting:
  • Installed speed radar trailer in front of school.
  • Requested Caltrans install School Zone and Higher Fines placards both directions of Woodside Rd
  • Worked with School maintenance superintendent to install cones along the bike lane stripe at AM drop off. Ordered No Passing sign to be installed soon.
  • Informed Sheriff of concerns, speed trailer deployment, and requested increased enforcement. In February 2019, 8 citations were issued in the School Zone. This does not include citations issued at Woodside Rd/Canada Rd.

Follow up to Safe Routes to School Parent Engagement Workshop
Thurs., Feb. 28; 8:30-9:30am; Wildcats

Discussion of traffic safety issues impacting our student’s travel to/from school and ways we can address them as a community. The following lists includes ideas and suggestions generated from our WES parents from the horizon mapping activity,

Horizon Mapping Activity Results: Woodside Elementary School 2/28/2019

Foreground (Easy to implement):

  • Signage/blinking lights from 8:00-8:30 am & 2:30-3:30 pm “School Zone” Beacons
  • Double fines in school zone/increase fines
  • Raised curbs in front of school to deter cars from passing in bike lane
  • Publicize Safe Routes in May Day parade (ex: kids with signs, etc.)
  • Safety training for parents and kids
  • Buddy program middle/elementary students to walk/bike to school together
  • Cone in bike lanes to prevent cars from going around cars turning in to school
  • Rumble strips on bike lanes
  • More walk to school days with organized “buses”
  • Paint all corner curbs at WES entrances and exits so they are more visible to cars
  • Add gravel and widen paths
  • Add 2 crossing guard on Albion Ave.
Background (can be implemented with some work):
  • Speed camera with auto ticketing/speed monitoring sign/install speed monitoring device
  • Removing Cañada Road from Waze routes
  • Add a crosswalk helper at Albion Ave.
  • Comprehensive system of paths for pedestrians
  • Add crosswalk on HWY 84/Kings Mountain
  • Raised curb
  • Trails on south side of Woodside Road gets super muddy during rainy season
  • Lower speed limit on Kings Mountain Road from HWY 84 to Patrol Road and Entrance Way (Should be 25 MPH, not 30 MPH)
  • Install speed bumps on 84 and Cañada Road
Horizon (implementation will take a lot of work):
  • Bike lanes/pedestrian routes on Tripp and Kings Mountain
  • Remove Woodside from Waze
  • Add sidewalks
SR2S Areas of Concern

Walk To School DayTop of Page

Wednesday, October 10

Join children and adults around the world to celebrate the benefits of walking and bicycling! Walk to School Day is an annual event that promotes walking and bicycling for several reasons: 
  • Physical activity
  • Teaching safe pedestrian and bicycling skill to children
  • Awareness of how walkable & bikeable a community is and where improvements can be made
  • Concern for the environment
  • Reducing traffic congestion, pollution and speed near schools
  • Sharing time with community leaders, parents and children
Learn more HERE

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