Q. Do I need to pack a snack or lunch for my child?
A. Woodside Preschool provides a healthy, allergy free snack consisting of a fruit, vegetable, and grain each day. Children attending the full day programs are required to bring their own nut-free lunch.

Q. Does preschool follow the school calendar & what happens on Minimum days?
A. Yes, preschool will follow the main school calendar. There will be no change to preschool hours on Minimum days.

Q. Can parents help in the class?
A. Yes, we love parent participation and have many chances to join in all the fun during the year or share your knowledge and passions. Each class has a sign up sheet where parents can volunteer to help with cooking, science, or reading projects during the day. * Due to Covid restrictions there will be no parent participation at this time

Q. What if my child gets sick?
A. For the health and safety of your child and our entire community, we ask that children stay home if they are vomiting and/or have a fever. More information about our health policy can be found in the Parent Handbook. If your child becomes ill at school, teachers will notify you via phone and ask that an approved person come to pick them up.

Q. Can students start mid-year?
A. Enrollment is for one school year (Aug-June) and class specific. Registration is continuous until all spots are filled. 

Q. What if I an unable to pick up my child from school?
A. All children will have an emergency form on file with the names of authorized people to pick up your child. In addition, each classroom has a form, Going Home Changes, where parent’s can authorize pickups for one day at a time (e.g., play dates or relative in town). For last minute changes parents can call the office and leave a message for the teachers. Children will not be released to anyone without a parent’s authorization.