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We believe that through the blending of guided exploration and structured learning activities our play-based program fosters learning and the development of the whole child: physical, social, emotional and cognitive.
We embrace diversity of all kinds and acknowledge and respect the uniqueness of each child’s learning style, personality, and developmental pace.

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Through careful observation of the interactions between children, adults and materials, our staff develops a curriculum driven by the children’s ideas, interests, questions and expressions. Each program offers open-ended, developmentally appropriate activities - both child-initiated and teacher-directed.
Within this emergent curriculum framework, we are able to provide opportunities for literacy, numeracy development, fine and gross motor development, creative expression, problem-solving skills and preparation for future academics.

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  • curriculum Focus
  • self-reliance
  • cooperative play
  • autonomy
  • early academics
  • fine motor development 

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  • curriculum focus
  • self-regulation
  • social/emotional skills
  • TK/K readiness