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While each program is similar in daily routine and classroom set up, each room is designed to meet the developmental needs of a specific age group.
These thoughtfully designed environments 
    • Fosters the love of learning 
    • Values “process” over “product”
    • Encourages exploration & creative expression 

2's Classroom
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For many children, our 2's program is their first experience sharing a classroom with others as well as saying goodbye to parents and caregivers. We see this classroom very much as a bridge from home to school. Our play-based model encourages children to play, create and express themselves, while teachers scaffold learning. Great focus is placed on social/emotional development, allowing children to feel comfortable at school, enjoy making social connections, and learn to be a part of a community. 

Room Details 
  • Student to teacher ratio 6:1
  • 8:30am - 11:00am  
  • Age Min: 2yrs
Enrollment options & yearly tuition:


3 & 4's Classroom 
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In the three and four year olds program, children are invited to create and play, while teachers use their questions, expressions and interests to design a rich, developmentally appropriate environment. Each day has a balance of choices times and teacher-directed activities, to support growth in all developmental areas. This program is designed to build upon and advance skills from previous programs while preparing young learners for the next educational step. 
Room Details 
  • Student to teacher ratio 7:1
  • AM class 8:30am - 11:45am
  • PM class 12:00pm - 3:15pm 
  • Full Day class 8:30am - 3:15pm
  • Age Min: 3yrs
Enrollment options: 
T/Th, M/W/F or M-F 
Families can choose a combo of half day & full day enrollment. 
Yearly tuition:

Half Day 
Full Day 

Tuition & Payment information
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2023-24 Tuition rates 2's class:

  Half day (am only) 
T/TH  $5,941
M/W/F  $8,316
M-F  $14,257

2023-24 Tuition rates 3/4's class:

  Half day (am or pm)  Full Day 
T/TH  $5,941  $10,650
M/W/F  $8,316  $14,910
M-F  $14,257  $ 25,560


Upon acceptance to the program, all families are responsible for the following tuition requirements and deadlines:

  • A  non-refundable deposit of $2,000 - due April 1st (applied to tuition) 

  • 25% - due August 30th

  • 25%- due November 1st

  • 25%- due January 1st

  • 25%- due March 1st

Once enrolled, families are responsible for the full tuition. There will be no refunds or adjustments for tuition paid due to early withdrawal. Enrollment is for one school year and is class-specific. All registration forms must be completed in order to attend. Monthly payment options available upon request. 

Questions? Please contact Lisa Dayeh, Woodside Preschool Supervisor.