Middle School Band Elective
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  • Music instruction is important to all students’ education.  Through musical experiences and performance, students will learn to discover, think, feel, listen, and create.
  • Students will continue to develop their performance skills – demonstrating an understanding of written and oral information.
  • Students will develop discipline in and commitment to music.
  • Students will learn to listen to each other and work with others as members of the same team – each individual is equally important.
  • Students will develop an appreciation for music that will follow them throughout their lives.
  • Instrument and supplies
  • Music (in a folder)
  • Pencil (with an eraser)
    • These materials are important for active participation.  Regularly forgetting materials will affect a student’s grade.

Students will have one “free” opportunity to forget his/her instrument. After that, a student will begin to lose points toward their citizenship grade.


  • Demonstrate active listening skills, patience, and respect.
  • Be focused! Every minute is valuable to our goal: working as a team toward a good performance.
  • Keep the music room clean and class materials in their proper places.
  • Practice rooms are for practicing.
  • No food and no gum in the classroom.
  • Performing is one of the highlights of being a musician and the best way for students to show friends and family what they are learning.  There is a tentative performance schedule in this packet and on the website. You will be notified immediately if anything is added or changed.
  • Students are REQUIRED to attend ALL of their group’s performances scheduled throughout the school year!  Missing a performance will dramatically lower a student’s grade.  Performances missed because of a valid reason will require make-up work agreed upon by the director and the student.

Practice Charts:  Though it is best for musicians to practice EVERY day, MS elective band are required to practice 45 minutes per week outside of class. A good breakdown for this recommended time is 3,15-minute sessions.  They may practice technical exercises, scales, ensemble music, solo music, or anything else they may have at home.  Practice charts will be turned in with a parent/guardian signature. Practice charts and due dates will be given when the class has gotten organized and we are in a nice routine. IF STUDENTS ARE DEDICATED TO IMPROVING, IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT STUDENTS EXCEED THE 45 MINUTE REQUIREMENT.

Other possible assignments will include scale tests, skill tests (on music or technique), theory packets, and performance reflections.  These will be given based on the skills, needs, and schedules of each class.

Though elective grades are pass/fail it is important that students participate actively both in and out of class. Students must turn in at least half of the required practice charts each trimester to achieve a “Pass”. Additionally, remembering materials is also crucial. Students are allowed to forget their materials no more than 5 times each trimester for a “Pass”. Infractions will be given for not bringing required materials to class. Participation will also be reflected in the citizenship grade.

It is important that students are responsible for their instrument (school or personal), know where they are, and that they will stay in good condition. If a student’s instrument is found on campus after school hours by a teacher, administrator, or custodian, the student will receive an infraction as a consequence.

  • Students who are borrowing an instrument from the school must fill out and return a signed “instrument use contract”. 
  • Students are responsible for general care and repair of the instrument.  Instruments must be returned in their original conditions.  If there is a shortage of some instruments, I will talk to the students and parents involved to come up with a solution.
  • Students must purchase their own reeds, oils, etc.
  • Percussionists should buy their own sticks and mallets.