7th Grade Guitar
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7th Grade Guitar
The guitar is an instrument that can be played any time, anywhere, and with any group of people – alone, around a campfire, with friends at home. It is a way for students to, without being part of an organized group, continue to participate in playing music for their entire lives.
*This class will focus on beginning guitar skills. We will begin the year by learning to read music, and locating specific notes on each string. Basically, students will learn simple melodic exercises to familiarize themselves with the guitar and physically adapt to playing the guitar. After this, students will begin learning chords and reading tab. Students will eventually choose their own material, learning songs (and possibly singing) that are within their chosen genre or artists. The over-arching goal for this class is for students to learn the fundamentals and have an opportunity to develop skills on the guitar so that they are able to continue to play the guitar beyond 7th grade.
*Though there are some required skills tests and expectations for effort and focus in class, this class PASS/NO PASS class. There will be no homework requirements, but home practice is always recommended!
1) Guitar (a school guitar will be provided for class use).
Students may bring their own guitars to play during class, in fact, it is recommended if students have a guitar that they love. However, personal guitars should not be stored in the music room. They should go home with students at the end of the day.
2) Picks - students will provide their own or maybe made from old gift cards
3) Capo & Tuner (provided by the school
4) Binder or folder for music materials