7th Grade Valentine's Day Fundraiser
Valentine Grams for WES Staff
February 6-13 

The deadline to purchase is 5pm on Mon, February 13.

Due to the overwhelming excitement and several inquiries, we wanted to clarify a couple of things about the 7th Grade Valentine Gram Fundraiser. Please see below for updated information:
💜 The 7th graders are currently holding a Valentine's Fundraiser to help raise money for their class fund. 
💜 You can help support this fundraiser by underwriting any number of Valentine Grams at $10/per gram.
All WES Staff will receive a Valentine Gram.
💜 Each Valentine Gram will consist of a bag filled with chocolate candies, a Valentine's Day card, and a fresh-cut flower. 7th graders will be assembling these bags at school on Monday, Feb. 13th, and delivered to each staff's mailbox on Tuesday, Feb. 14.

💜 All participating students will have their names included on at least one Valentine Gram.

💜 If you would like to participate and need financial assistance, please contact Elvira Martinez in the front office. 

💜 Please drop off cash (in an envelope labeled 7th grade class fund/Valentine's fundraiser) or a check made payable to Woodside School (in memo pls include “7th grade class fund fundraiser”) to the front office with Carly Rivera.

♥️Please use the link below to pay by PayPal or credit card. 

Note: Payments made by PayPal via credit card, debit card, or PayPal balance incur a 3.49% + 0.49 USD fee.
7th Grade Valentine's Day Fundraiser
Questions? Please contact Christine at or Alana at