Incoming 7th Grade students can expect a continuation of their 6th grade experience. While much of the content varies as compared to the 6th grade curricula, students will be even better prepared to navigate the new challenges that await.  

Woodside School's 7th grade students take part in project-based learning that is naturally differentiated.  In addition, a collaboration between Upper School teachers allows for the integration of Design Thinking and Social-Emotional Learning.  

7th grade students are placed into ability groupings for mathematics.  Small class sizes and the grouping of students who are similar in their mathematical development allow for differentiation.  All math groupings are made based upon several assessments, including SmarterBalanced testing, MARS assessments, MDTP results, and grades.  Students who achieve beyond or below their ability group will be moved when appropriate.  Most 7th grade students take the accelerated second half of 7th grade and all of 8th grade Common Core mathematics.  A small group of students will accelerate even further and take Algebra I in 7th grade, and a few students may qualify for grade-level mathematics.  For more information, please visit the Upper School Math Pathways page.    

Students in 7th grade take two electives each trimester, and each incoming student ranks his or her favorite electives.  Each student will be placed into as many of his or her highest-ranked electives; however, with class size limits and scheduling conflicts, it is impossible to accommodate every request.  For more information on electives, please review the Seventh Grade Electives page.

In addition, all Upper School students follow a modified block schedule. Students have eight 43-minute periods on Mondays and Tuesdays, seven 43-minute periods on the early release Wednesdays, and four 86-minute double periods on Thursdays and Fridays.  These longer periods allow for important instruction, such as Science labs, projects, etc.

7th grade students can expect to take the following classes:Top of Page

  • English-Language Arts
  • Ability-Grouped Accelerated Mathematics (Second Half of 7th Grade and 8th Grade Mathematics)
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Mandarin or Spanish
  • Physical Education
  • Art
  • Music (Guitar) and Physical Fitness - One Class Only
In addition to the required courses, all 7th grade students will be able to participate in both before school and 8th period electives which include:
  • Jazz Band
  • Band Elective
  • Art Appreciation
  • Yearbook
  • Documentary Film
  • zSpace
  • Body Science
  • Plant Nutrition and Wellness
  • Game Design
  • Toy Design
  • Lego Robotics
  • Coding I
  • Coding II
  • Community Service
  • Peer Leaders
  • Newspaper
  • Short Stories
  • Study Skills