2023 End-of-Year Countdown Schedule
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2023 Graduation Apparel Guidelines
The Woodside School experience is unique in that most of our 8th grade graduates have only known Woodside School throughout their educational lives.  With many students going all the way back to attending our preschool, graduation is a very important event to be shared with family and friends.  

There are many important events that 8th grade students experience in their final year at Woodside School, and none is more important than graduation.  The culmination of events during 8th grade that range from High School applications, the Washington, D.C. trip, and finally Operetta provide the perfect ramp-up to the graduation process.  

The final week of school for the 8th grade students focuses on graduation.  From the 8th grade luncheon to the pool party to the graduation ceremony, 8th grade students are the focus of the entire Upper School staff.