2018 Operetta — Alice in Wonderland Jr.
In the long-standing tradition of Woodside Elementary School, this year's operetta is ALICE IN WONDERLAND JR., performed by the 8th grade class of 2018. Travel down the rabbit hole and join Alice, one of literatures most beloved heroines, in her madcap adventures. Featuring updated songs from Disney's thrilling animated motion picture, Disney's Alice in Wonderland Jr. is a fast-paced take on the classic tale. This is a guaranteed great night out for the whole family!

(instructions for purchasing tickets, it's a little tricky)

• Wednesday, 5/30 @ 5:30pm*
• Thursday, 5/31 @ 5:30pm*
• Friday, 6/1 @ 7:00pm
• Saturday, 6/2 @ 7:00pm
Where:  Sellman Pavilion

Prices:  Adult $20; Child $10