Dress Standards

Good grooming and proper dress are essential in establishing an appropriate, safe school environment for learning.  Clothing should be clean, neat, and comfortable.  The following are guidelines that should be observed:
  • No wearing of caps, visors, or hoods in the classroom except for religious or medical purposes
  • Clothing that reveals underwear or cleavage, bare chests, bare stomachs (midriffs), and bare backs, is not permitted
  • All undergarments must be kept under regular clothing
  • Waistbands on pants should be high enough to allow student to bend over without exposing undergarments
  • Students must wear shoes throughout the day, and athletic shoes, socks, and clothing are required for P.E.
  • Attire promoting alcohol, drugs, or sex is not permitted
  • Shorts/skirts/skorts should be an appropriate length
  • P.E. clothes will be provided for students to borrow if their outfits do not not meet dress standards