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2017-18 Staff Photo of H. Lui

Hui Liu

5th6th7th & 8th grade Mandarin
Rm. 27

I was born and raised in Wuhan, China before I moved to Rochester, NY with my husband. Wuhan is located in central China with a population about 12 times as much as that of San Francisco.  Wuhan is called the “City of Rivers” because of it’s at the intersection of two major rivers, the Han and the Yangtz.  It is also known for the abundance of lakes and waterways. Not surprisingly, my favorite food is fresh-water produce, fish and lotus.   

Rochester, where I started my family and spent 8 happy years, is my second hometown. The winter is harsh, but the beautiful summer is more than enough to compensate. Now our home is in Saratoga. We love to go out to explore the area at our free time and never get disappointed.  
I majored in photographic and imaging technology and have a Bachelor of Science with a minor in Japanese Language and Culture from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).  After that I gained my Master’s degree of Education from the Nazareth College of Rochester.  Before moving to California, I taught Mandarin in high schools for three years, in both suburban and urban school districts. My experience of working in different environments and with students with diverse backgrounds has given me the versatility to teach students that have various strengths, needs, and learning styles.     

As Ludwig Wittgenstein said: “The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” Globalization and the internet have significantly fostered communication, collaboration and interaction among people all around the world.  As an oldest existing language and spoken by the largest number of population, Mandarin can be a powerful tool to prepare students to achieve 21 century competence.  Learning a new language is challenging and a long-term endeavor.  Without passion and a solid foundation, students won’t go far.  Therefore, building a solid foundation and keeping students motivated are the priorities in my teaching.  I focus on how well children learn more than how fast they learn.  For young children, learning with fun is directly linked with how well they can learn.  Engagement is the number one fact leading to children’s academic success.  By designing and integrating various interesting and also meaningful activates to promote students’ learning and accommodate their different capabilities, I believe a positive learning experience will allow every child achieve their full potential.